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I've got the spirit

Thursday, December 9, 2010

4:53PM - Clean-Up

Some things.

Hopefully by this winter I will finally have some of my completed stories up, or at least samples of them (including a graphic piece or two) so I can start getting my name out there and build up some interest in my work as a writer.

I will likely open up a blog spot and keep updating that, though even better I might have my buddy help me program and start a real website. Either way, I probably won't post here anymore...not that I really do anyways.
I'll still check my friends page since I like keeping up with the few friends that still use theirs. :P

If you're interested in reading some of my stories and/or helping me revise a few, let me know I've got a couple that could use some feedback before going up anywhere.

Thanks loves.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

1:18AM - Hey here's a post

Things are going pretty well
I work at a bowling alley
when a ball or pin gets stuck they say "Hey Shaun go unstick it"
and sometimes I do and sometimes I don't know what to do so the other guy does it.

As the dinosaurs used as appliances in the Flintstones always said, "Eh. It's a living."

I also will be reading poetry entries for the school's annual literary journal. cool.

School is well, busy writing lots of stories. I just wrote one about the time Newton got put into the backseat of a cop's car for going into Higley's house. Good times.

Only now I think times are better. Funny, how all I do is spent time remembering High School, but now is so much better. I drink good beer instead of Steel Reserve and cheap vodka. Ha.

I was at the Gorillaz concert at the Fox Theatre on Weds. Single greatest live music experience of my life.
Seriously. And I saw Pavement recently, so that says something.

I love Aubrey. So that's cool.

Halloween is coming up, I'll be a Youmacon dressed as Starman. No one will recognize my costume, it's going to rock. I'm also going to be in a skit.

One day I'll write something and make some money off it.

Until then, this is all you're getting LJ.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

1:22PM - Of course of course of course.

Of course there is a fucking way to change.
People say to better your life, you must!
But no matter how equal five pennies is to a nickel
they'll never,
be the same.

Change for humans is silly
slap happy silly
we'll adapt to suit someone else,
but it's a sham.
As much of a sham as receiving five pennies
instead of a nickel.

We're still the same schmucks as we were the morning before
just hiding it under the mattress
with those same old Lincolns
that will always,
be the same.

I'll be the same schmuck,
and so you will be too.
But the best thing is we can sit
and talk over Cheerio's and orange juice
and be nickels to each other,
shiny Jeffersons.

We of course know that we are not nickels
but five lonely pennies under that bed.
We know this, and don't care
because that's kind of what love is
never soul mates
just loose change that goes so well together.

Be it nickels or pennies
or even magnificent Sacagawea,
we know the truth behind us and still, we say yes to love.
Of course.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

11:11PM - I don't think I want to stay in this room...anymore.

My Classical Lit teacher wants to kill us all (you know what I mean Allyson). Blog responses (should the people responsible for the initial posts actually put them up) Two plays (short, but still it adds up) and an essay to finish. I'm usually pretty good at whipping up a decent essay, especially if I pace myself over a few days.

I've done that, and where usually I feel okay with my work, even satisfied, right now I feel I'll be a lucky to gain a C. Rudolph is ridiculously strict with her grading, as I've done a sub-par job pretty much this whole semester. The fact that I got a C on the Literary Critisism and we have to include it with our essay (and my essay topic is completely different from the LC), I just feel overwhelmed, stressed for time, and generally screwed.

Just let me get by with a C I guess, and leave me be. I'm tired of this class weighing on my mind day in and day out.

On a brighter note, by logic teacher is awesome and he loves mine and Dan's Lanthorn comics, and he makes comics himself. He invited me to go to some sort of gatherings of local comic writers and artists Thursdays in downtown GR and I'm gonna take up the offer when I return from spring break. I'm really looking forward to start self-publishing a comic and getting my work out there, so this'll be radical.

Pick up the pieces of my mind- I'm going home.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

5:13PM - On Edgar Wright Films

"I think Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are such a great duo, I'd watch anything with them. Even a porno where they're fucking each other. It'd still be equally dynamic and funny."

-Me, speaking on Hot Fuzz.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

6:45PM - Class Impressions

Classical Literature: Half of it will be spent re-reading the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid. Other half on ancient plays and Plato. Neat. Also, good to have two people in the class I know. I shall enjoy this class.

Human Origins: Seems interesting, work load seems annoying. Ah well.

Logic: My teacher looks like Rivers Cuomo.

Intro to Professional Writing: Sadly, the thing I'm interested in most from this class, which is writing genre or stories for employers interest (seeing as I want to write comics and will most likely be writing for characters I do not own nor create myself, and will be at the mercy of editors) will be the least covered topic in class. Mostly memos and reports and business documents I don't care about. Yay core requirements.

Cultural Geography = Fascinating material, interesting professor. He's from Trinidad and has a creole accent and seems really nice and funny.

Overall, I think my workload is less than last semester, but we'll see.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

5:50PM - Life Updates

What's been up? Hrm.

Hannukah = Good. Got cash, it went to booze, gas, food, Okami (Wii) and Fire Emblem (DS). Both are addicting and frustrating and doomed to ruin my school grades. Oh well, all in good fun.

christmas = My first one! With Aubrey and her families. Very fun got to stay over her house and unrap presents under the tree. Aubrey got me some Sherlock Holmes books (one of them being a second edition Hound of the Baskervilles!!) and a Batman philosphy book. She's too awesome. :) I got her a very pretty and for my income (which is nothing) expensive necklace. I'm a pretty neat boyfriend, not gonna lie.

New Years = Held a Murder Mystery party. Lotsa fun, if not full of plotholes cause it was all last-minutely prepared.

Currently = Few days left of break, not ready to go back to GVSU. I don't care for college, it's decent and I occasionally learn interesting things, but I've got more important things to do at home. One step at a time...

Music = Got the band back together for some practice, went much better than expected. Recording some side project, Guided By Voices-esque stuff with Matt. Going by interesting, good to see I can still drum, kind of.

Writings = Got some comic/story ideas to work on, involving the Revolutionary War if America lost and was split into many provinces. Might even make a good RP for over the summer. Also writing some more poetry, will post when it's decent. Gotta start submitting stuff to publications, get my name out there. Want to look into interships this summer.

Work = Didn't happen. Broke because of it. My time at Zap Zone is over with, it's official. I cannot return over summer vacation, it's time to move on finally.

School = Why must it start? Not looking forward to much. Classical Literature might prove interesting. Human Life, Geography, logic and into to professional writing will take up the rest of time.

Other = Looking forward to Ohayocon in Columbus starting Januwary 29th. Going as Jason Todd and Moist from Dr. Horrible. Aubrey's coming (her first con!) as Rogue. Gonna be loads of fun.

Okay I should go back to playing Okami. Wow this was long.

Peace my honey bunches of oats.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10:33AM - on coffee consumption

Shaun): the church says the body is a temple
Shaun: clearly yours is a starbucks

Monday, October 12, 2009

12:26AM - You Not Hungry for Poem, You Hungry For HOT POCKET

My Epic.

I'm singing a song that has no motivation
an epic tale with no sycopation
there's no hero's but there's also no villains
except me, me and most of all me

I'm here to express my thoughts in a kind of comedy
the Greek kind with humor that no one understands but me
The gods would be pleased i'm sure
as long as i preformed a sacrifice in turn

The time is ripe it's ready for the picking
it grew from a tree untouched by mortals, unflinching
i'm the first and i'll taste it's fruits
the labors are bitter but the product is sweet

If I could grab an axe or a sword
and fight dragons and win maidens I would
but instead i'll tell a tale someday
and hope that when it's done
the princess i have will
lay down with me

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10:35PM - Quick poem.


splendid dreams
what do i see?
hell and demons maybe
but there will always be a light

okay sometimes you know how you feel when you let down your hair and the wind pulls it away
the places you'll go oh the places you'll go

i'd light my hair on fire so it could burn as bright as yours
but i think i'm better off just basking in the warmth
i could fuel these thoughts with gasoline
but i'd like to believe that i'm better off with make believe

from your hair my eyes meet with yours
and they go right past there to your brain
if i could send you a telepathic message
i wonder if you'd slap me or hug me all the same
and if i could light my mind with a sparkling beam
i wonder if it'd still be better to leave it to dreams

okay sometimes you know how you feel when you take the day off to run amongst the grass
the places you'll go oh the places i'll follow

Monday, September 21, 2009

9:29PM - Spoken-Word

Mm. Pumpkin spiced ale and shoegaze music.

'Tis the sights and smells and sounds of fall.

Current mood: quixotic

Thursday, September 3, 2009

9:42PM - Sk8 or DIE

Let's commence the new school year, right?


MWRF - Japanese 201
Great not having to travel downtown to get to class, Robinson seems like a good guy, but possibly harsh grader. We're currently reviewing the last few lessons of JPN 102, and while I can remember words, grammar points and Kanji OK, I can't really piece together a single sentence. This'll be fun. Major studying required. :\

MWF - Roman Civilization
Very nice, funny teacher. VERY interesting course. For a Gen Ed requirement, I'm satisfied with this. Rome and it's ancient culture has always fascinated me, and this class seems like it'll go by pretty nicely.

TR - Brit Lit
Oh boy for having this at 8:30AM. But class was cancelled this morning and with Labor Day cutting Tues classes I don't return till next Thursdays. We'll be reading some interesting stories for sure, like Canterbury Tales & Beowulf, and getting some nice history lessons along with the texts. Like the sacking of Rome, the Aglo/Saxon invasion and such. I'm gleefully in tune, but I know I'd rather take the next level (if it exists) where there'd be a focus on the Victorian era. I crave me some Dickens, Doyle, Stoker, Wells & Wilde.

T - Advanced Fiction
Well, this is what I'm here for. Lots of fiction stories to write, a shit-ton to read, and a review to be made on just about eveything. Like Intermediate almost exactly but well, advanced. Happy to share the class with some familiars from last year, It'll certainly help. I'm feeling very creative right now, but mostly with genre writing, and I know it's frowned apon in this class, but they can all deal with it. If I'd rather write about pirates and cowboys than coming-of-ages and modern realistic people, so be it.

TR - Psychology 101
Another Gen Ed, but another ineteresting one. Been meaning to take this one for awhile, and it's mostly lecture, which pleases me. I tire of having to speak up and discuss for credit, and I won't be needing to that in this class.

So far everything seems slow, but I know it is merely the calm before the storm.

Out of class, my room is an awesome showcase of geekdom. 5 video game systems, a shelf dedicated to games and DVDs, action figures decorated in every corner, a kick ass roomate (that would be Mr. Dan Sills) and all my music with me. Downloaded Mixcraft 4, gonna see if I can learn to re-mix and sample, make some nerdcore raps while Tim (my band) is on a practicing break.

Much Love,
~Coke West

Current mood: creative

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I submitted a story to FML. Let's hope it makes it onto the site.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

12:03PM - It was awesome, by the way.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


New Business. Mad Gear dubs over Wolverine and the X-Men.

If this goes over well, we'll be sure to abuse more episodes.

Enjoy or else.

Friday, May 15, 2009

1:16PM - Better than ever.

Here's my report on ACen 2009.


That about sums it up.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5:44PM - Maybe in the Next Life

I have two papers, one due Tuesday, one due Wednesday (with rough draft due tomorrow). Two group projects, one due Thursday, the other due sometime next week.

I have a Japanese test tomorrow.

The last thing I should have done this weekend was slacked off, went on random drives, stayed up all night looking up random nerdy information on the wikipedia and read comic reviews and looked at overly expensive action figures (see shaun still likes toys)

The last thing I should have done today was napped, watched bad movies on TV and continue to procrastinate.

Oh well, it's only life.

Monday, March 30, 2009

9:28PM - This Charming Man

I love life because I love the Avengers.

I hate life because I have two group projects and two or three papers and a test all in the next week.

These two thoughts are completely unrelated, but I think they counter-balance each other out well enough.

Also on the happy love life side of things:

Feel free to not comment. Have a sextastic day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

10:01PM - this is SO stream of conciousness

goddamnit what the fuck

fuckin shit fuck shit shitty this town/campus is so mcfuckstick boring

my brain is going to snap. where's a girl to have a drink and talk about Kerouac with? OR HOW ABOUT X-MEN?


(this post is NOT brought to you by: any substances. honest.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

8:32PM - Night Owl is not Batman.

Why do so many comic book nerds not like the Watchmen movie?

Sure it wasn't frame-by-frame perfect and most of the music choices sucked, but I thought it was pretty great overall.

Clearly I'm not jaded enough.


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